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Life Rituals

Baptism-Welcoming Ceremony

Traditional Christian Baptisms can be scheduled for a venue of your choice (a park, your home, or a venue) or our Chapel at 96th and J.

We will meet with the parents to gather details and plan the Baptism.  A Baptismal certificate will be issued, as well as certificates if God Parents or Guardians are named.

Welcoming Ceremonies, generally not Christian based, is an alternate to a Christian Baptism when new born has arrived, someone has come of age, or there is a new addition to the family.

There are many ways to include family and create, include, or observe rituals and rites that are important to you.


Blessing a  home, a business, or a specific place can be important, helpful, and often healing. 

Understanding the goal for the blessing helps us suggest rituals and ceremony that can be included in the Blessing.